5 tips how to add friends to Pinterest

I am about to show you how to add friends to Pinterest. I will also discuss remove followers from Pinterest and how to block followers from Pinterest. 


5 tips how to add friends to Pinterest

how to add friends to pinterest

If you don’t already have an account with Pinterest, you should head on over to https://www.pinterest.com/, and create yourself an account. Its free and will help you meet more individuals interested in your topics.

Adding friends to Pinterest will help you to share pictures and engage with their projects easily and quickly. Another great benefit from adding friends to Pinterest is something called Growth Hack. This will enable you to get traffic to your websites faster.

I have developed a few strategies to not only add friends (which i will show you here in a few seconds) but to really grow your account to a massive size quickly. I feel that sharing this with you should provide some value to your Pinterest account. 

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I will share with you how to add friends and family to Pinterest, Remove unwanted followers, remove unwanted followers and 5 tips how to add friends to Pinterest to get a swarm of traffic.

  1. Add friends and followers
  2. Remove unwanted followers
  3. Block unwanted followers
  4. Get a swarm of traffic to your website using this Pinterest Strategy
  5. Gain Deeper Knowledge into Growth Hacking


Pinterest opened its gates back in 2010 and is quickly growing in numbers ever since. Keeping things simple with a simple look and feel, members create groups of images according to themes on their boards. One of the strategies that works well is the great “repin” strategy of old.

How to add friends to Pinterest

simply, Go to your main Pinterest feed page and click on Find Friends (or do a search for a keyword). On the right side of your friends page that appears, displays the friendly faces of all of your Facebook Friends who are on Pinterest.

Make sure your Facebook is connected to your Pinterest Account. On the right you will see all of the Facebook Friends who are not on your Pinterest yet. click on them to add them.

You can connect or disconnect your Pinterest account to Facebook in the account settings. You can find your account settings by hovering over profile image located in the top right corner of any Pinterest page. Find the Social Networks section and click the “On” button next to Facebook to turn it on.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we Do Social Media, the question is how well we DO it.” Erik Qualman

how to add friends to pinterest

Remove Unwanted Followers

After a while of posting you may run into that one follower who doesn’t like your content. They maybe aggressive and try to post negative comments on your stuff.

On Pinterest, anyone can follow you if your pinned content is interesting. You may not like some Pinterest users, but there is nothing you can do to stop them from following you except to block them.

Block Unwanted Followers

Blocking and unblocking users is easy to do. Navigate to the profile of the follower you wish to block and then click the flag in the lower-right corner of the profile information box to expand the Report menu.

Click the “Block” button and then click “Block” again to confirm. The follower is blocked immediately without warning. To unblock someone, navigate to his profile and click the “Unblock” button.

Get a swarm of Traffic to your Pinterest Page and Websites

These three techniques along with the other two above are a great way to get the ball rolling. You will want to get the word out about your product or pictures, Let people see inside your life and make sure the look and theme of your profile page is neat and clean.

1. Get the word out

Pinterest is a great way to “Show” off your products and website topics. Simply post your photoes of your products or ideas to your pinterest boards and watch as people start checking out your stuff. Less visually attractive products can also be highlighted but it will take a little bit of thinking outside the box.

2. Insiders look at your life

This strategy is how some of the big accounts gain followers quickly. Give them a behind the scenes look at your product, service or lifestyle. You can use Pinterest to connect with your Fan base by offering them a glimpse inside your business and lifestyle.

3. Find a board that has a really good theme and copy them

Each board out there has a theme. Look around for ideas on how to make a really clean looking theme. Take other peoples ideas and make them your own. Improve the look and feel of your Pinterest account and watch the traffic roll in.

Gain Deeper Knowledge into how to Growth Hack your Pinterest

You may want to get Even More information on how to boost your traffic and get a lot of people liking your content. More information here…

Pinterest is free to use, and it’s a powerful way to get your products and message in front of your audience. Why not register, follow this simple Pinterest marketing guideBusiness Management Articles, and see what it can do for your business?

we covered how to add friends to Pinterest, remove followers from Pinterest and how to block followers from Pinterest. We hope you found value from this post and that you will check out our other posts here..