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5 Tips on how to get Famous Quotes with Pictures

So here are 5 tips on how to get famous quotes with pictures. I will talk about what exactly are positive picture quotes verses negative ones. I will also talk about what exactly are good quotes for a picture and where to find great pictures and quotes to use for your content.


famous quotes with pictures

The cheat sheet Simple Way:

  1. Get a Famous Quote from google
  2. On your phone download and run a picture quote app – create a Picture Quote
  3. Share the Picture quote on Instagram an Facebook
  4. On your computer find quote you posted in Facebook and save it to your PC
  5. Share to multiple Social Media sites

5 Tips on how to get Famous Quotes with Pictures

Picture Quotes from your phone: there are many apps simply go to the Apps Store and play around. Type in the search Picture Quotes and see what comes up.

Some suggested apps terms “Textgram”, “Quotes Creator”, “Text to Photo”, “Phonto” and “Picture Quotes” all work fine. How to get Famous Quotes with Pictures You can go to google.com and type in your topic.

Click on the images section as shown in the video above. Then you can browse hundreds of Picture Quotes for free. You can even put “Famous Quotes with Pictures” to get more ideas. There are a lot of famous quotes out there on the web.

Its really easy. the website:  https://www.brainyquote.com/   seems to be one of the better sites out there to get famous quotes with pictures.

You can get Free “Stock Image” background pictures at sites like https://www.pexels.com/ and also https://pixabay.com/ simply type in the search bar the topic and you will get a picture that is similar to your niche.

famous quotes with pictures

1. How to use Google to get famous quotes with pictures

In Google you will want to make sure you change the search for usage rights to “Labeled for reuse” this give you a list of free royalty free stock pictures. Usually you can get way more picture ideas this way.

Once you have some picture quotes finished, you can post them to Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest with links back to your content. There are many websites out there that will help you post to all three social media sites from one submission.

How to know if its a good quotes for a picture first thing you will want to do is look for a good quote you want use. I would look for the quote first, then find a picture that goes with the quote.

There are many quotes to choose from so it should be easy to pick one. A few things to look for are, does the picture go with the quote? The picture should be related in some way to the quote as to show attention to the quote itself.

If you have a piece of content you can search google for a quote that is related to your content. Find a picture that is also related and post it in your blog or article around your content.

You also want to know the difference between a dark and gloomy quote verses a light and happy quote. Positive picture quotes tends to attract people more than negative ones.

Look at the feeling that the quote encourages and see if its a more positive uplifting feeling.  Here are a list of sites that can help you get started looking for good quotes:

  1. https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/free.html
  2. http://www.quotographed.com/
  3. https://www.quotestreasure.com/

There are plenty of sites out there, you can simply do a search and see what pops up.

2. How do you add text to a picture?

There are plenty of ways to add text to a picture. There are 100’s of Aps for your phone that can do exactly that, add text to a picture. I recommend first creating the picture on the desktop computer then uploading it to your phone.

This way you have a copy of your pictures backed up and can more easily upload them to picture sites.

  1. Go to PicMonkey,  https://www.picmonkey.com/
  2. Open your chosen photo in PicMonkey and click the Text tab. You’ll see a list of fabulous fonts: pick one of ours, or choose from fonts on your computer by clicking “Yours.”
  3. Click the “Add Text” button. A box appears on your photo with the words “Type your text here.”
  4. Adjust font size, color, and alignment in the Text palette. You can even rotate the text box by grabbing the corner handles.
  5. Save your work and download to your computer or phone.

Another site that is simpler is http://www.recitethis.com/ this site will show you what the finished product looks like as you are typing the text into the box. This is an easy way to find something you like.

3. How do I add Text to a Photo on your Phone?

I would suggest making your picture quote on a desktop PC first then uploading it to your phone. However, if you do not have a PC and want to start on your I phone for example here are some instructions.

If you have an iPhone: How to access the Markup editor Launch Photos from your home screen.Tap the Photos tab in the lower left corner of the screen. Select the photo you would to edit.Tap the Edit button (looks like a series of horizontal sliders) in the bottom toolbar. Tap the More (…) button.Tap Markup.

4. How do I add a caption to a photo?

You can also add captions to your photos on your phone. If you find it easier to work with your phone you can create your picture quotes on your phone and then upload them to your PC. Here are some instructions on how to add a caption to a photo from your phone.

If you have an iPhone: Tap the T icon and select your text box orientation: portrait or landscape.Enter your caption, adjust text size and font. Tap Done.Tap and drag to adjust the location of your text.Add frames, effects or stickers as desired.Tap Save in the lower right corner. The captioned photo is saved to your camera roll.

How to find positive pictures quotes Most people will naturally draw themselves towards positive picture quotes. Even if a picture quote is dark and gloomy this can be perceived as negative.

To avoid this look at the overall tone of your picture and see if its bright and uplifting. One place to find positive picture quotes is to go

https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_positive.htmlBrainyQuote has a topic for positive picture quotes. Look here for Ideas.

For example if you see one that looks good with mountains, you can make it your own by grabbing an image of mountains from google images. You can also make it your own by changing up the quote itself and then taking ownership of the quote.

For example “Love yourself. its important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” you can change that to be something like “If you love yourself then you will see true beauty that comes from your soul”, then put your name as the quote owner.

5. How to make Famous Quotes with Pictures in Canva.

Simply go to https://www.canva.com/ and sign up for an account its free. You can click the create a design green button at the top of the page. To get started chose your canvas. I would go down to social media posts and chose the Instagram Post.

You can drag and drop pictures in canvas and add text. I would look for pictures that say free on the bottom right side of the picture. If you don’t see one right away keep scrolling down.

You can see the video above for an example. Once you have a good picture, then you can add a text as shown in the video. You can then download the picture quote and save it on your computer.

This is a great place to make Instagram photos. You can upload them to your phone and post them on Instagram. This is also a great place to make pictures for Facebook.

Now we look at the reason you are making Famous Picture Quotes! Usually its to get the attention of your audience. I have a great Free 5 day Email Course that goes into more detail on how to get Even More Eyeballs onto your Pictures. Click here to find out more..

I have shown you how to get Famous Quotes with Pictures. Thank you for reading and hope to hear some feedback. This is usually a good topic for those who are just starting out. I will provide good content from beginner to advanced marketing strategies.